My review of SEO That Works 2.0. 

Reviewed online course: SEO That Works 2.0
What is it:  An advanced course that teaches you how to build quality backlinks with white-hat methods.
Price: From $900 to $2000.  Only possible to join once in a while.
Owner: Brian Dean
Language: English
Score (0 to 10): 7

Important Notice: This review is based on my own experiences. I have paid for the whole course and gone through all the lessons. Many affiliate sites review products they haven’t tried, but I will never do that. I aim to be a trustworthy site with honest reviews. I’m not affiliated with ‘SEO That Works 2.0’ in any way.

What is ‘SEO That Works 2.0’ and what did I learn?


SEO That Works 2.0 Review
SEO That Works 2.0 Reviewed

SEO That Works 2.0 (STW) is a time-limited course created by the American SEO expert Brian Dean. He is most known as the founder of the Backlinko blog. He began in 2010 and has built up an impressive business with lots of followers related to his SEO and traffic generating training course. This is the second revision of the course.


The main ingredient of his methods is how to create content that attracts white-hat backlinks from relevant and highly ranked pages that are not punished by Google.

In essence, he teaches you how to identify what successful websites are sharing and is linking to. He calls these people linkcreators – people who create links. Then you learn how to make similar content-rich pages, so-called Power Pages, which you end up trying to get links to.

It is an interesting thought and backlinks are not mentioned a lot in the Wealthy Affiliate course.

Interesting to learn: What is an Online Business?

Backlinko also believes that instead of going for long tail keywords, you should target medium tail keywords.  It might be more difficult, but much more rewarding. At least if his techniques work. A medium tail is a keyword with only a couple of words.

I’m not sure if I agree.

There is both psychology and techniques related to successful marketing. If you sell your own product or service or promote things as an affiliate marketer, you are almost certain that no one will bother to link to pure reviews.

However, if you write an article with extreme user value, which is not sales-based, you will have a bigger chance that people will link to it.

A backlink is simply a reference to a webpage. Inbound links from other pages that link to you should provide a boost in search engine rankings and increase traffic.

Do backlinks really work?

There is a lot of controversies related to whether backlinks play a major role in SEO in 2017. While you previously could buy tons of backlinks with black hat methods that put your site on top of the search queries with almost certainty, one must invest in quality backlinks today. After Googles Penguin update, these black hat methods didn’t work anymore.

Many people think it’s no longer a good idea to spend time getting backlinks, but rather to create lots of good quality content instead. This is contrary to what Brian Dean thinks when proclaiming that you can perfectly succeed with very little content on a page as long as the content is so great that it will generate high-quality backlinks. He even claims that 30 quality articles on Backlinko were what it took to give him hundreds of thousands of visitors a month.

He believes that deleting low-quality articles with no traffic, will actually increase the traffic on the rest of your pages.

Wealthy Affiliate also focuses on articles with high value, but they learn you how social shares, user engagement, and comments play an important role in high Google rankings. While they might mention backlinks once in a while, WA will not teach you how to get them. They state that you should have a consistent plan for writing many articles.

I think quality definetly beats quantity, but the best approach is to write many high-quality articles on a regular basis.

Brian believes that backlinks still have a big impact if you get links from other high-quality, high Google PageRank pages and, preferably, are relevant in the same niche. I guess it also has a lot to say which market you are in and which language you use. In my native language Norwegian, it is usually easier to rank articles than in the highly competitive landscape of sites with the English language.

Do you have own experiences and opinions about the relevance of backlinks in 2017, please write them in the comments box. I’m interested in hearing other people’s opinions just because I’m not sure myself.

Who is STW 2.0 for?

The course has a degree of difficulty that I can not recommend for beginners in SEO. If you have your own online store or company you want to promote in the search engines, it may be useful, but you should be dedicated, interested and having a good idea of how the web pages are set up.

It takes a lot of time to go through the course and not least to write so-called Power Pages.

For beginners who want to learn how to set up a perfect website and earn money on this, it is a must to go through the Wealthy Affiliate Online Entrepreneurship Certification course first. After that can SEO That Works 2.0 be a very interesting add-on.

I’ll go through some of the course’s modules before I summarize how much success I’ve had with the STW course and if it was worth the money.

Screenshot from one of the welcome videos.
Screenshot from one of the welcome videos. Nice picture of the clever Brian Dean.

Course Content

The course consists of 5 modules with subdivisions you go through one by one. For each part, it’s a video to watch which lasts from 10 minutes to half an hour. You also get so-called Worksheets and summaries in PDF format for each subdivision.

The course follows a certain timeframe and the modules take one week each and one can not access the other modules before the time has passed. In the middle, there is a “free” week where you get some time to either go back and catch up or work on the first Power Page.

Here is a list of the content of the SEO That Works 2.0 course:

Module 1: Welcome to SEO That Works 
– What’s Working Right Now In SEO
– 4 Deadly Mistakes
– Kicking Butt With The New World Of SEO
– Let’s Do This!|

Module 2: Fast Track SEO Success
– Who Are The Linkreators and How To Find Them

– Your First Power Page
– Medium Tail Keywords

Module 3: Content Frameworks
– Share Triggers

– The Trademark Technique
– Go-To Guidebook
– Expanded List Post
– AwardsBait
– The Trusty Infographic
– Crowdsourced Manual
– The Hero Formula

Module 4: Content Promotion and Link Building
– Content Amplification
– Content Curator Link Building
– Roundup Link Building
– Renovation Link Building
– Trusty Infographic Promotion And Link Building
– The Applesauce Technique

Module 5: SEO Energizers
– WAG Technique
– Wet Clay Link Building
– Reverse Engineering
– CTR Magnet Technique

I will not reveal what is behind each headline in courtesy of the course owner.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cheapest option costs around $ 900 and gives you access to the whole course as well as the closed Facebook group SEO That Works – Students Only. Here you can also talk to Brian himself who tend to be good at commenting on posts.

In the vast majority of cases, it is enough to join the affordable solution I went for. The more expensive versions, up to $ 20,000, contain some more bonus material and case studies plus the opportunity to get personal assistance from Brian and so on. You have 30 days of return if you want to finish the course.

In comparison is the price for Wealthy Affiliate only $49 per month with cheaper options if you pay for the whole year.

It is not possible to sign up for the course at any time but at given dates. Right now there is a mailing list you can join to get a reminder at the next startup. The modules are then published one every week until you have gone through everything.

When you have purchased the course you have the information forever, which is good, so you do not have to rush through the lessons. I failed to follow the set plan but took it at my own pace.

You can manage the course without other upsells, but Brian still recommends using BuzzSumo or the analysis program Ahrefs. It may be a bit expensive for people in a start-up phase, so I have chosen not to pay for this even though Ahrefs is high up on my wish list. A less expensive alternative is Majestic.

By the way, you can monitor one page with the free version of Ahrefs, which is quite cool. You do not get all statistics, but quite a lot.

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My Final Conclusions

SEO That Works 2.0 is a legit SEO school. I have without a doubt learned a lot of this course, and I have started using techniques I did not have the slightest idea that even existed before. It is a bit expensive thou.

Compared to Wealthy Affiliate, that is a complete course on how to start your own money making online business, is SEO That Works 2.0 a course in how to generate traffic to your site through quality backlinks. It is a significant difference there.

I managed to generate lots of white hat backlinks with the system. My first Power Post directed at Linkreators was about 130 Running and Marathon blogs on a page about fitness gadgets. It was frequently shared and linked to by the bloggers I wrote about in the article. The technique on how to contact them so they actually replied and answered emails was brilliant.

It took a while to write a post of almost 10,000 words and do research on so many blogs. And in the end, I think I got the wrong type of low-quality backlinks since the traffic didn’t increase one bit. So I still wonder about the relevance of backlinks in 2017…

High increase of backlinks. Source: Ahrefs

I sometimes felt that some of the modules may seem a bit too similar, but if you go straight into chapters, I understand why he has created it that way.

As I wrote initially, this is a rather advanced course. Some of the stuff are not detailed explained and you have to have a fair amount of background knowledge in SEO and WordPress. If you are new to digital marketing and want to start from scratch making money on affiliate marketing and your own business, I recommend checking out the Wealthy Affiliate course first. Click the banner on the top right side, under the heading Try it yourself! to get going.

The Differences Between WA and STW

Please share and write down questions, comments or your own experiences with either Wealthy Affiliate or SEO That Works. 🙂

6 Replies to “Comparison: SEO That Works 2.0 vs Wealthy Affiliate

  1. This seem slike an interesting program, although this may not benefit the beginners I think as an intermediate in Internet marketing this might surely help and ti would be wonderful to get my hands on this book.
    Have you read the entire thing and gone through the videos, how was it, did it help you?

    1. It is an online course with many modules. I have gone through the whole thing, all the videos, and PDFs and implemented parts of it on my niche sites. I learned a lot and there’s is much good advice, but this level of SEO is not for everyone and it is a bit difficult and time-consuming. I got many new backlinks. Andreas

  2. Hi,
    This is a very informative article. I have learnt a lot. Indeed it is not easy to get ranked in google since they require q high quality contents and also being consistence.

    This SEO That Works works 2.0 looks very great ONLY if it works well as you have explained in your review. The ONLY problem I have with it is the price.

    You also mentioned about Wealthy Affiliate. I think they will be better if I try them to see how their platform works.
    In all I want to say thank you vry much.

    1. Thanks for the comment, Stephen. It is an interesting course and it did bring me a lot of backlinks, but not a traffic increase. Andreas

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