Do you want to know what is the easiest and fastest way to receive Amazon Associates payments to your non-US bank account? This is how I do it!

It is always fun to get checks in the mail.... but....
It is always fun to get checks in the mail…. but….

I’m a sworn fan of Amazon’s affiliate program on some of my niche pages, specifically my sites aimed at the American and English speaking markets. It’s easy to use, easy to make money there, and easy to generate links. They are a major player and readers trust them. The pay you commissions (if not too high) on all their products, not just the ones you are linking too. If someone is clicking to Amazon through your affiliate link for a certain product you get a commission for everything they buy there for 24 h.

I have been an Amazon Associates affiliate member for four years now.

You probably earn money online and are an Associates member already since you read this post, but if you are brand new in affiliate marketing, it may still be ok to read this article.

Although Amazon’s affiliate program works quite smoothly, there are some challenges when it comes to payments for people living outside some of the big countries they are involved in, for instance, USA.

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Old fashioned

When it comes to payment solutions for your Amazon earnings, they are a little bit old-fashioned and outdated. This applies to other departments in the UK, Germany, Spain, Italy too. There are in essence three options to go for:

  1. Pay me by Amazon gift card
  2. Pay me by direct deposit (United States Bank Associates Only)
  3. Pay me by check

Getting paid in gift cards (1) that can only be used on Amazon does not work for me since I want to make a living off what I earn online.

Getting money transferred to a US bank (2) is not very easy when living outside of the United States. It is almost impossible to create a US bank account for us who do not live there and there are lots of rules like personal attendance when the account is set up etc. Also, the money in the account needs to be transferred to my countries local bank anyway afterward… Still, this is where the solution lies …. so wait … Amazon earning directly to a non-US bank account is actually possible.

Third option…

Receiving Checkout Payments (3) was the first solution I went for and I continued with this for many years. It’s always fun to get their first check in the mail, sent directly from the US full of dollars. But after a while, it was a bit tiresome and time-consuming. Amazon also takes a fee to process a check, it takes time to send the check in the mail to my country, and the local banks are increasingly unwilling to raise a check. And it costs… and takes more time.

There are no more possibilities. Countless questions to Amazon from members that want a way for wire transfer money or why they can not implement new online payment solutions, such as PayPal, have not been successful.

Getting started with Niche Marketing

But honestly … there is a way. Here’s the solution I started using:

The solution was Payoneer

Payoneer takes care of international payments and acts as a bank with bank accounts. This does botter Amazon in any way, and it is easy to set up. After registration, Payoneer gives you all the information you need from Bank Name, Bank Account Number, Codes, BIC and IBAN Number for the different currencies.

US dollar bank account information on Payoneer
US dollar bank account information on Payoneer

For example, my banks are called:

USD = First Century Bank (I use it for
EUR = Wirecard (German bank I use for
GBP = Barclays (Bank for
JPY = MUFG Bank, Ltd.
CNH, CAD, and AUD when needed

If you are logged in to the Amazon Associates account, the information can easily be entered under Account Settings -> Pay me by direct deposit. Keep in mind that every time you make changes here, payments are postponed for a month, so do not do this too often.

Enter the bank details here
Enter the bank details here

Transfer money from Payoneer to Non-US bank

When it starts to fill up with currency under the different accounts under your Payoneer profile, you can choose to withdraw the money to your local bank account. It may look like this, but probably with money… Here I had already transferred everything on the account.

Withdraw Payoneer money to Bank Account
Withdraw Payoneer money to Bank Account

My bank is called DNB, but payments can, of course, go to any other bank. Payoneer charges a fee of 1% of USD amount, while EUR, GBP, JPY, AUD, CAD, and CNY are actually free to transfer to your country. Keep in mind that it costs money to process a check as well, but this is much easier.

That’s why I prefer Payoneer because it’s fast, everything can be done online and I do not get big check fees.

Learn more and try Payoneer for free here – as well as get the opportunity to earn $ 25

Not just Amazon

Payoneer can also be used with several other services and affiliate networks you can earn money on like Rakuten, Fiverr, Upwork, Wish and Clickbank.

Feel free to give me your thoughts on Payoneer, how you usually get your commissions paid or ask any other question in the comment box below.  Good evening / night / morning / morning. And please share this advice if you liked what you just read.

3 Replies to “How to get Amazon Associate’s earnings paid to a Non-US bank account!

  1. This is the guide that I am looking for. Thank you so much. You are the hero! I have set up my Amazon to send it to Payoneer now. Just waiting for the threshold to reach and see if it really got my money. I hope the conversion rates are good between US dollar and my country currency.

    1. Glad I could help! I wish I had known about this Amazon payment method when I started with affiliate marketing years ago. Andreas

  2. Great article.. thanks.
    Would Transferwise also work ?
    Also whats your thoughts on using the Dingtone app for US phone number to make application acceptance easier?

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