Why I think Wealthy Affiliate is LEGIT and NOT a scam!

I remember sitting home one night a few years back and browsing the web for how to make money online. This was the first time I had ever done this, but I suddenly got an urge to try and find out if this was even possible without being scammed and lose a lot of money. I came across different sites that offered all sorts of online moneymaking schemes but I didn’t trust any of them.

Perhaps you feel the same when Googling for these kinds of things? Are they really as good as they say? I did a lot of research and read a lot on forums before I finally landed on Wealthy Affiliate. I was thrilled to find something I finally trusted.

I’ll tell you why further down this article, and I wish I had found an article like this before I decided back then.


Wealthy Affiliate is the online university that teaches you how to build your own online business from home and earn money on it. I recommend reading my complete review if you want to know more about the details.

The course claims to be the real deal and not a hoax but many times it is VERY difficult to decide if a site like this has value or not. The web floats over of programs and websites that claim they can make you rich. As I write on my About page, I’m a huge skeptic by nature, so writing about the possibilities with money making online isn’t really my cup of tea.

Also, read How to Started with an online Business!

But I’ve been a hard-working member for several years now and I have seen that the methods I’ve learned actually works. I have created money making niche sites that earn commissions from affiliate sales and it makes a good profit every month. And it’s not even hard to do if you can spend some time on it.

Enough chit-chat. Now to the good stuff and my article about why I think this course is a good deal: Here is a list of 15 reasons why Wealthy Affiliate is legit:

1. They don’t claim to be a get rich fast system!

That is right, they don’t. Making money online and making your own internet business takes time.


Often I get offers from awesome online courses that claim you will earn a certain amount of dollars in a short period of time. Thousands of dollars in just a week? That’s not going to happen. When I do my research and Google there are always people who say such systems are a scam.

“I didn’t get rich in two weeks as they said! In fact, I didn’t earn anything at all!” Of course not… It usually takes a bit of time.

Wealthy Affiliate never claims that you will get rich fast, and do not set a date for when you can quit your job.  It takes time to master moneymaking online. There are of course lots of factors, but if you work consistently (not necessarily hard) you will get there. It could take months, or it could take years.

2. It is actually possible to contact the active owners!

Contact the founders Kyle and Carson
Contact the founders Kyle and Carson

The owners, Kyle and Carson, are active on the site and often talks in the chat. Whenever I have chatted with Kyle he answers quickly and to the point. Even if they have a busy schedule they are not impossible to get the hold of. They stand behind their site 100% and want people to learn how to achieve their dreams while they reach theirs.

Be aware that some messages, like the very first welcoming messages when you create a profile, might be automated, but if you answer with a question they will be answered personally.

A huge drawback with many other online courses is that it is often difficult to find out who’s behind the course and even impossible to contact them. It triggers my scam alarms if people can’t show their face and be proud of their product.

3. Ask people in the community if it is legitimate!

The Wealthy Affiliate community is HUGE! Over 800.000 internet entrepreneurs have joined so far. Ask any of them for an honest opinion on how they are doing and you will get a straight answer. They will tell you that they are satisfied since they really mean it. It is impossible to get so many different people to tell the same lie if this was a hoax.

Members from many different countries can be contacted on the fully transparent live chat, through direct messaging or blog posts. The base language is English, but it is always possible to find members that talk your native language who might be easier to discuss with.

4. It is 100% FREE to try!

I like free stuff and I think it’s always reasonable to try services, software, and online courses before you buy. I don’t like solutions where I have to add credit cards and pay up front with the promise I can get my money back if I’m not satisfied.

At Wealthy Affiliate, you can sign up for free and still have a functional account with access to the most important features. You don’t need to add a credit card and you can try before you buy as long as you want.

At one point during the course you need to pay a small fee to continue, but it is significantly cheaper than other equivalent courses. You will have more than enough time to decide whether you want to go Premium or not.

Zero dollars spent on sign-up means zero economic worries. No credit card needed and no risk. Couldn’t be better!

5. No upsells after Premium membership – no hidden charges!

Sudden upsells and hidden charges are bad. Many moneymaking courses are full of it, and I just think it not fair, oozes scam, and adds stress to the decision. Counters are even worse!

“Only 30 minutes left of this one time only deal!” 

“Only 5 available PDFs left! Buy now!”

“The online internet course has limited places!”

Bad, bad, bad…. Avoid these sites.

After you have paid for the Premium, monthly or yearly, there are no other membership charges. Of course, there are options for buying domains (which is a huge plus) and recommended software like the keyword research program Jaaxy, but it is strictly not necessary since there are free solutions.

6. Help-others-mentality the whole way!

The value of getting advice from other people, bot experienced and beginners is huge. It is also extremely educational to discuss and help other people working towards the same goal as you.

It can sometimes feel a bit hallelujah, but it’s is always great to get motivation by other ordinary persons that have gone through the same struggles and once didn’t know anything either.

The way it is done is by contacting people in direct messages, asking questions, blog inside the portal, or communicate with others in the awesome 24/7 live chat function as mentioned before.

Wealthy Affiliate is not just a lonely course made by a self-proclaimed guru you download, read or watch for yourselves. It is in addition based on interaction which makes the whole course transparent and meaningful.

I’m also here to help you if you have any questions! Post them below and see what other people have asked about.

7. Not allowed to scam and promote inside WA.

You are not allowed to promote own products or affiliate links inside the world of Wealthy Affiliate. If you think about it, it is a good thing since you don’t need to listen to sales pitches from others. By keeping the atmosphere spam free everyone can focus on why they are there – learning affiliate marketing, SEO, creating their own personal profitable online business and be happy.

These rule actually works, and I have never experienced any pushing sales schemes from other members promoting other courses or systems. Your promoting of products or services will eventually take place on your website as your own business, but not inside the WA community.

8. Make complete and fully functional websites in the Free Membership!

You heard correctly. Hosting and two domain names from Siterubix are included in the free membership as long as you want. This means you can actually make your own moneymaking website and see if it works for you without paying a dime.

No other online internet business courses can offer the same. Domains and hosting always cost money in the long run.

The websites are based on the popular Content Managing System (CMS) called WordPress which you will learn all about in the course.

Ready to try already? Just sign-up for the starter membership and see for yourself!

Or read on…

9. Huge updated easy-to-follow step-by-step course!

Some systems and courses are made once and never get updated. I have seen many courses, like Screw95, that got updated and is no longer available.

Wealthy Affiliate is continuously updated with new functions and follows the last trends. 750+ yearly Training updates and 155+ system updates keep the site going.

It is built on a firm fundament which was never a scam, to begin with.

The course is easy to follow and don’t try to confuse you in any way. The owner, Kyle, reads in all the audio and video himself.

10. Keeps growing all the time!

WA has stamina! They are still going strong after they started in 2005 and is growing all the time. This is not the case with all courses, like the previously mentioned Screw95, which only worked for a few years. It was in a sense a good course, but with no room to follow how the digital marketing world turns, Google changes, and other trends, it got outdated.

People see that this will not happen to Wealthy Affiliate in a while due to all the updates and therefore they keep signing up and follow them.

11. No negative reports!

It sounds impossible, but it is quite hard to find any real negative reports and reviews of this online course. It is always possible to find something, but those users often have taken it for a get-rich-scheme (and haven’t earned money fast enough) or have misunderstood important things.

Ask me if you have any concerns or questions related to the things you read online.

The positive reviews are partly because Wealthy Affiliate has its own affiliate program and people like to write about the awesome experience they have with the course.

If you have any negative experiences with WA yourself, please write me a comment about it. I would like to learn that side of the story. I find that what I have learned from the lessons gives me a good monthly profit – so it is legit in my eyes.

12. Beginners can earn real money!

Wealthy Affiliate allows newbies and beginners who have never made a website before to earn money. The affiliate program doesn’t turn newcomers away, which many other affiliate programs do.

Many courses are difficult to follow if you are new, WA is not. They welcome the dummies and give them the self-esteem to make it. It is truly the easiest way to learn how to start your own internet business.

12. Quit whenever you want!

Of course, it is easy to quit whenever you want. It is also possible to export your web pages hosted at WA to your own web hotel, but I can’t really see why you want to do that.

I’ve been a happy member since 2014 and is not going to quit anytime soon!

Please post your questions in the comment section and share my honest article to friends, family and in social media.

6 Replies to “12 Good Reasons why the Business Course Wealthy Affiliate is LEGIT!

  1. Haha, in the photo, Kyle looks like he was in the middle of a conversation or something and he was not expecting the picture to come so soon or something.

    I have been apart of WA for a year now and I can honestly say that your 12 reasons are completely true, Wealthy Affiliate is the real deal. I have learned so much in this community, I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

    1. Not the best picture of them perhaps. 🙂 But good guys anyway. I’m glad you agree to my reasons why WA is legitimate in my opinion. Andreas

  2. Wealthy Affiliate is totally legitimate. It is like a diamond in the rough. I searched for years and couldn’t find anything that wasn’t a scam.
    So when I finally did find Wealthy Affiliate I was of course skeptical.
    But there’s no cost to join and no pressure to go premium and I discovered that I finally found the one legit program to be a part of.
    They offer everything you could need to build an online business and it took me less than a week to become a premium member.

  3. We all look for that perfect internet affiliate business. So called Internet Gurus promise you instant riches. It’s like dangling the carrot in front of the donkey. I must have spent hundreds of dollars trying. I was just about to quit, when I came across Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am now a premium member with Wealthy Affiliate and I think I will be with them for a long time. My confidence and competence has increased, and I am so elated that I designed my own website.

    The founders are hands on guys, extremely ethical and the members will bend over backwards to help. Everything the writer of this blog has said is the gospel truth, why not give it a go. You have nothing to loose and everything to gain.


    1. Thanks for the comment! Very happy to hear about your experience with Wealthy Affiliate and your attempts before that. I still get tempted and interested in other online courses and schemes… but in the end I always say to myself that I have everything I need in WA… Andreas

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