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How to Start with an Online Business!

How to Start with an Online Business!
Everyone can start an Online Business!

I’m glad you are reading this article! It means that you actually are serious about starting an online business for yourself, or that you are just curious and want to learn more. Either way, I will try my best to share my knowledge with you and hopefully push you in the right direction.


Have you ever asked yourself these questions: what is an internet business or how can I make money online?

If so you are about to learn something really cool about the Internet and the people using it.

Right now, there are more than 3.6 billion Internet users worldwide. The number is growing all the time and every single one of these persons are a potential customer. These people are all looking for information, entertainment, great things to buy, motivation, happiness and maybe advice for a better future. The internet is really an unbelievably huge marketplace with a ton of customers!

The internet is really an unbelievably huge marketplace with a ton of customers! There are a ton of different ways to get money from these customers, but my absolute favorite and the backbone of this entire site is niche marketing.

Let me explain:

What is Niche Marketing?

With niche marketing, you target a specific group of people searching for a specific type of information about a product or service they are willing to pay for. People are already searching for the content on your future niche site!

A niche could be anything from radio controlled cars to healthy food recipes. The amounts of niches you can come up with are only limited by your imagination. Every single product on Amazon, eBay or AliExpress is a potential niche.

A niche is often quite narrow and specific. A good niche is not cars, but perhaps car seats.

With a niche website, you can earn money in many different ways.

Affiliate commissions are one of them and the way I earn most of my online money.  It means you get a commission, a percentage of the sale when someone buys the products you recommend on your site in online stores.

The first steps of a successful internet business.
The first steps of a successful internet business.

Now to the awesome and surprising part:

Niche marketing is easy!

Anyone can make a great internet site, promote cool products, and earn money online even if you have never made a website in your entire life. I did it myself and I’m just an ordinary guy.

Does it sound too good to be true?

I understand that you are skeptical, but before you make up your mind, I advise you to read through this entire page. It will only take a few minutes – but it can truly change your future and life.

Be Skeptical And Avoid Scams

Here is the truth:

I have always been skeptical about making money online have always been afraid of being scammed. Skepticism is good and without it, I would probably have wasted a lot of money on nothing before I learned how to do it the way I do now.

I hope you are skeptical too because there are tons of ‘make money quick online’ scams out there that you should avoid. These scams are made by people who only want to get rich themselves by selling you expensive systems that don’t work. Sites and programs that promise you all the money in the world if you just pay enough money and follow a dodgy recipe are something you should stay clear of.

The fact is:

There are no QUICK ways to earn lots of money online!

I found that by learning how to do it right without, cheating, and spend my time wisely I managed to earn money on my websites.

Ethical Way of Online Income

I’m going to tell you the wisest way to start your own online business the way I did it.

This way, you will LEARN how to get started on the right foot in 2017 the ETHICAL way without big sky high promises and without cheating.

Affiliate marketing is simply put just you promoting the stuff you enjoy and care about and then you get commissions for sales.

Most big companies that sell products have their own affiliate program you can join and all of them use the same techniques to promote their own products on the huge internet.

The secret trick is to learn how to do this as efficient as possible and there are courses and online communities with experienced people you can take advantage of. By learning white hat SEO techniques to achieve high rankings on Google is a step closer to online success.

I am a member of the online community Wealthy Affiliate which has a wealth of updated information I can feed my brain with – and for starters, it is completely FREE. I hate to pay for anything before I have tried it and before I know it’s a good deal and works.

Have I triggered your curiosity yet? 🙂

Maybe you find it so interesting that you will learn it yourself, enroll the course, and if you are persistent you will surely make yourself an extra income or perhaps even a living off online work you are in charge of.

I created this site to tell you about my own experiences with Wealthy Affiliate and write about the knowledge I have gathered so far in the affiliate business. In addition to all the awesome information – I will be there to guide you on the way!

Before the real juice here are some cool facts:

People DO Earn Money Online!

Skeptic or not… People do actually make a lot of money online.

I know many people that earn lots of money through commissions on niche marketing alone. Tons of bloggers for instance.

And then you have those who earn a living from YouTube. The highest earner on YouTube in 2014 was a woman called DC Toy Collector who unwrap Disney toys. How simple isn’t that? Everyone COULD do it, but she did it first.

She earned close to a staggering $5 million on Google AdSense earnings.

I also admire a gentleman and family father from the UK who took the step of making a living off playing games and simulators on YouTube and Twitch. He’s called DaSquirrel and is really entertaining to watch.

I’m not saying you necessarily should aim that high, but as you can see the opportunities are endless and everything is possible for those who dare to try!

What Stops You From Trying?

It’s interesting to look at why people are NOT trying to make their own dreams come true with, for instance, an internet business. Writing about the things that interest you like a hobby, and make money on it sounds great in my eyes.

What is the thing that stops YOU from online success?

Are you are afraid of getting scammed? Well, we are all. But I can assure you that the courses I have gone through are a legit, honest way of promoting a niche online. No dirty programs or tricks.

Are you afraid of failure? If you never try you’ll never know! And I can assure you that as long as you don’t give up, it takes a lot to not have some success with these niche marketing methods.

Are you afraid of new things? Sometimes it’s hard to get out of your comfort zone and try something new. That’s probably why some are rich and some are not. Dare to try new things and perhaps this is just the thing for making your life better.

I’m 37 years old. I started with this late in 2014. I wish I had known this before and started out earlier.

Right Foundation – No Rush!

It takes time to grow a golden tree you can harvest from in the end.
It takes time to grow a golden tree you can harvest from in the end.

It usually takes some time to build a brand and a successful internet business. But if you start now you will have a sustainable online business that will pay you back in the long run.

I see it as a planted seed that with the right nurturing will grow slowly but surely to a golden tree with awesome fruits to harvest.

Many of the methods you will use are EXACTLY the same as big companies use to promote themselves online and many of the things you will learn are actually new stuff even they don’t know. This will really make you stand out in the crowd when getting your own business visible on the net.

Internet marketing has changed a LOT in the last years. To be up to speed you’ll have to be updated on the big changes in the future of niche marketing. The knowledge of super marketers who know what’s working or not is crucial for success.

This is what you get with an online community with over 800.000 members, and why I love Wealthy Affiliate.

Start Out Slow And Easy for Free

People building successful internet businesses are depended on only three things:

  • They get the help they need from others
  • They have their own website up and running
  • They learn new updated stuff on a regular basis and PRACTICE what they learn

The Wealthy Affiliate University offers you all this and you get rolling for only… $0. The starter membership is totally free.

Free Starter Membership equals No Financial Risk, which is a huge deal and makes it easy to recommend!

You get the beginners course. You get all the help you need through live chat 24/7, blog posts and asking questions. You get a couple of websites fully hosted and so much more.

Just look here:

Wealthy Affiliate Memberships


If you still wonder what is an internet business, how to start with an online business or are curious about how you can take advantage of this great opportunity and make your own online career one step at a time, I suggest you check out the course or read more on this fan page –

The things I write here are my own experiences and thoroughly tested by me. Remember that I will stay around and help you on your way up. I’m looking forward to working with you.

Do you have any doubts, comments or questions? Just post them below and I will answer them as best as I can. 🙂

Have a brilliant day.

the founder of Go for WA! – a Wealthy Affiliate fansite

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