About Me


Thank you so much for the interest in my website GoForWA.com and for checking out my About me page! That means a lot to me!

Since you are here, I guess you are a bit curious about who I am and want to figure out if it is a made by a real person.

Don’t worry… I am.

Happy Norwegian with (too) many interests and a dream

My name is Andreas and I’m 37 years old. I have a house, a wife, three kids, two cars and a cat. Nothing very unusual there.

I have a ton of interests – perhaps too many according to my lovely wife. Some of them are computer graphics, animation, eternal terrariums, photographing abandoned places, virtual reality creation, driving truck simulators, playing the piano, work in the garden, walk in the mountains, skiing, affiliate marketing and SEO.


I love to learn new stuff and indulge myself into interesting challenges to solve.

A few years ago I started making money online through affiliate marketing and my own internet business.  Before then I had never heard about affiliate programs, niche sites, search engine optimization or Google Analytics.

But, I simply had to try and see for myself if it really was possible to earn money online, and so I did. I signed up for the online course and community Wealthy Affiliate and it opened a new world for me!

This has become a HUGE passion for me and my long-term goal is to earn a full time living from Internet. I’m well on my way!

I was so enthusiastic that I worked to four o’clock in the mornings sometimes just to get to the next lesson. Great time… Now I have several websites making money for me even when I sleep.

This whole site is about Wealthy Affiliate and is created to give you insights on what this course is all about and hopefully make you try it yourself. I love hearing from people they got the same positive experience as me!

Here is a link to my WA profile if you want to connect.

I’m a really a huge skeptic!

I’m an extremely honest guy and have always been very skeptical to money making schemes online. I know you probably are too!

There are a LOT of scams out there among the working programs, stories about huge wealth, and people selling false hopes way too expensive. Don’t pay for stuff that seems too good to be true. I used to close my eyes and ears when I heard about people earning lots of money through their own online businesses because I didn’t believe it!

Do some serious research before you buy and take advantage of free trials and money back guarantees.

My dream is possible to achieve

Now, I know there are a lot of people that make living online earning money in many different ways. In a sense, this experience has altered my view of the whole internet which is really a gigantic marketplace and there are many ways to earn money.

There is no such things as fast money but with patience and time, those who don’t give up will succeed in the end!

Simple as that.

I’m constantly learning new methods and tips for adjusting and optimize my online marketing skills. I do it together with many others who want their dreams to come true – maybe you are my next associate?

I hope you take the time to check out my entire site and read the interesting articles. Share on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and your favorite social platform. Be sure to contact me if you have ANY questions! My email address is andreas@goforwa.com. I will answer as quickly as possible.

My Norwegian SEO and affiliate blog is called MinEgenSjef.no which means MyOwnBoss.

the founder of Go for WA! – a Wealthy Affiliate fansite